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Why is Online Learning so Popular (and is it for me)?

Why Keep Learning? There’s no doubting that adult education is a huge industry nowadays. With the job market growing ever more competitive, and employees being expected to continually develop themselves professionally (whatever their profession), ‘lifelong learning’ has become a necessity, rather than just an added bonus. Failure to upskill can be the difference between getting […]

Brain Power

Do you have a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old? Then please read this. If you introduce your child to a 2nd language now you will be giving your child a tremendous advantage in learning and life! Being exposed to a 2nd language early in life builds a foundation for success that extends way […]

E-learning – Singing from the same hymn sheet

E-learning gives you the opportunity to deliver and measure whether or not, you are achieving your goals. But the term E-learning has a certain internet geeky stigma attached to it. It sounds complicated and technical. But the truth of the matter is it’s neither. Take the E out of E-learning and everyone becomes more comfortable. […]

Why Distance Learning Degrees – 3 good reasons

Why distance learning degrees?  Actually, there are two questions there, each with an answer, each with three good reasons. First, why distance learning? The fact is,in many ways, distance education is far better than physical attendance at university or college, for several reasons. The first is convenience. With distance learning degrees, you get to pick […]

Dont Get Left Behind – Reach Your Goals

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 86.5% of all students graduate high school. What happens to the other 13.5%? Gone are the days when you could get by without a high school diploma. Most jobs today require at least a high school diploma for consideration. If you don’t graduate from high school, […]

How To Pass Your Online Course From Home

In addition to the popular online degree programs now proliferating the internet there are many alternate forms of study available in the form of courses that aren’t formally recognized. These courses are offered for many areas of study that are generally learnt at alternate educational facilities. These are things such as public speaking, personal development, […]

Education System today

Why the Education System Is Broken By: admin If you read the daily newspapers or tune in to the nightly news you may get a bad taste in your mouth. Worse, if you listen to your child after a long day at school you may also get an uncomfortable feeling. Yes, it does seem that […]